Why Does Lee McIntyre Give Away Such Valuable Content for FREE?

You may have noticed that Lee McIntyre gives away a ton of free info or offers $1997 courses for $19 - such as his Instant Internet Lifestyle Workshop.

Why would he do this?

Many marketers would say that he would make more money if he sold his products at full value. They would also say that offering such high value products at such ridiculous prices decrease the perceived value of his courses.

Lee sees it differently...

Obviously he's no THAT generous. Clearly there is something in it for him.
The truth is he is trying to get you as a customer. Lee knows that once you start profiting

from this amazing content that you'll become a FAN for life and buy everything else he offers...


Lee is trying to hook you on his stuff because he believes firmly in the value he offers.

This is part of Lee's philosophy of GIVE FIRST and SELL SECOND

Say you were a new restaurant in a city with millions of other restaurants.
You know your menu, service and food is the best in the whole city, but because there is such
competition, you have trouble getting people to come try it out.

So you offer everyone a first FREE meal. You believe in the quality you offer and know once someone has
had a taste, they will be not only grateful (perhaps even indebted) to you but will certainly return for more as well as invite all their friends.

There is one problem with this example though...

Lee offers information products, so, unlike physical goods and services, like food, Lee doesn't actually
lose any money by giving his stuff fact he gains immensely by acquiring a new customer.

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