Want to Buy a Lee McIntyre Product? Read This First

One thing you should know before purchasing any Lee McIntyre Product such the Instant Internet Lifestyle or the Super FREE Traffic System, is that the aesthetic appeal of his websites and videos is lacking.

It's funny. The other day I was watching a presentation on YouTube about how to present yourself on camera.

The first tip was to never wear clothing with intricate lines because it creates an interference pattern when seen on screen.

A few days latter, I logged to review Lee's Point and Click Coaching Program and he popped up with his goofy grin and interesting accent wearing EXACTLY the kind of shirt that the YouTube video advised against.


He does other less than appealing things like this too. Such as coughing during his sales videos, and using just basic webpage templates, not to mention his creepy laugh during his workshops...

But, because the content is so rich, and so valuable and effective, its easy to overlook these mere surface details.

On the other hand, I've grown to like these perceived shortcomings because they make me think, "if he could be this successful (250K per MONTH!) with basic PowerPoint presentation sales video where he coughs and sneezes, could violate the first rule of wardrobe on film (as shown above), and could make bare bones website and blogs, then hell, I CAN TOO.

I'm serious.

Lately I've become suspicious that all this lack of superficial "professionalism" is a marketing tactic design to make people like me feel empowered. He shows his flaws, he looks like a real person with real strengths and shortcomings - he looks like us. This gives us the confidence that we can achieve the same success that he has.

What do you think?

In any event, for Lee, it is the content that matters, and on this, he over-delivers. Instead of fussing with the presentation (should I use lavender here or magenta hmm...) he churns out crazy good content like clockwork.

 His websites might not be beautiful, but on their pages you will find some of the most important advice and valuble teaching ever created.

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