The Best Way To Make Money Online: Information Products

Are you looking for a new way to make money online?
Then you should stop and consider marketing information products.
A lot of us desire to start a online business so we could have more time
for other stuff like raising our kids or doing our other commitments.
Sadly, not all of us are successful.

There are people who get this idea and start a business but once they fail at it,
they just stop and give up or do something something completely different.

Meanwhile, there are others who also start a business but once they fail at it,
they do not give up.  Instead, they think long and hard why they failed and how
they are going to solve it.  These people are not afraid to work hard, learn a lot and persevere in what they are doing.

Now, you may think it is hard to start an online business but it is not as hard as you may think.
Actually, one of the easiest ways to start an online business through creating and selling your own information products. 

When you have your own information marketing business, you're no longer bound by the constraints of working in an office for a boss... and you can start making your own rules.  What's more, there's no limit to the amount of money you can make... which can accumulate quickly over a short period of time.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet... because how on earth do you start your own information marketing business?

Well, it's simple really.  First you find a specific area of interest that people will readily pay to have information based solutions to their problems... and then start creating a range of information products.

Now, that's a very birds' eye view of information marketing, but in the end that's what it really comes down to.  If you have the answers to questions that people are consistently asking, and will gladly pay for these answers, then you're in business.

An example of this could be people who are looking for information on how to handle their taxes.  If you have this kind of information at your fingertips then you can package it up in any media you like (an online report/ebook, audio recording, screen capture video etc) and then charge a fixed amount for people to access this information.  If your customers are pleased by the information that you offer then you'll generally find your self inundated with customers for life.

But don't get stuck on taxes... you can provide information on almost anything!  Know how to play a musical instrument, such as the piano?  Why not develop a product showing beginners how to get started playing simple songs and musical exercises.  Long story short, the possibilities are virtually endless!


Why Does Lee McIntyre Give Away Such Valuable Content for FREE?

You may have noticed that Lee McIntyre gives away a ton of free info or offers $1997 courses for $19 - such as his Instant Internet Lifestyle Workshop.

Why would he do this?

Many marketers would say that he would make more money if he sold his products at full value. They would also say that offering such high value products at such ridiculous prices decrease the perceived value of his courses.

Lee sees it differently...

Obviously he's no THAT generous. Clearly there is something in it for him.
The truth is he is trying to get you as a customer. Lee knows that once you start profiting

from this amazing content that you'll become a FAN for life and buy everything else he offers...


Lee is trying to hook you on his stuff because he believes firmly in the value he offers.

This is part of Lee's philosophy of GIVE FIRST and SELL SECOND

Say you were a new restaurant in a city with millions of other restaurants.
You know your menu, service and food is the best in the whole city, but because there is such
competition, you have trouble getting people to come try it out.

So you offer everyone a first FREE meal. You believe in the quality you offer and know once someone has
had a taste, they will be not only grateful (perhaps even indebted) to you but will certainly return for more as well as invite all their friends.

There is one problem with this example though...

Lee offers information products, so, unlike physical goods and services, like food, Lee doesn't actually
lose any money by giving his stuff fact he gains immensely by acquiring a new customer.

Want to Buy a Lee McIntyre Product? Read This First

One thing you should know before purchasing any Lee McIntyre Product such the Instant Internet Lifestyle or the Super FREE Traffic System, is that the aesthetic appeal of his websites and videos is lacking.

It's funny. The other day I was watching a presentation on YouTube about how to present yourself on camera.

The first tip was to never wear clothing with intricate lines because it creates an interference pattern when seen on screen.

A few days latter, I logged to review Lee's Point and Click Coaching Program and he popped up with his goofy grin and interesting accent wearing EXACTLY the kind of shirt that the YouTube video advised against.


He does other less than appealing things like this too. Such as coughing during his sales videos, and using just basic webpage templates, not to mention his creepy laugh during his workshops...

But, because the content is so rich, and so valuable and effective, its easy to overlook these mere surface details.

On the other hand, I've grown to like these perceived shortcomings because they make me think, "if he could be this successful (250K per MONTH!) with basic PowerPoint presentation sales video where he coughs and sneezes, could violate the first rule of wardrobe on film (as shown above), and could make bare bones website and blogs, then hell, I CAN TOO.

I'm serious.

Lately I've become suspicious that all this lack of superficial "professionalism" is a marketing tactic design to make people like me feel empowered. He shows his flaws, he looks like a real person with real strengths and shortcomings - he looks like us. This gives us the confidence that we can achieve the same success that he has.

What do you think?

In any event, for Lee, it is the content that matters, and on this, he over-delivers. Instead of fussing with the presentation (should I use lavender here or magenta hmm...) he churns out crazy good content like clockwork.

 His websites might not be beautiful, but on their pages you will find some of the most important advice and valuble teaching ever created.

Lee McIntyre Long Term Internet Lifestyle Plan...Why He's Different Than The So Called "Gurus"

Lee McIntyre's Internet Marketing Business Model stands out from the crowd.

Unlike the majority of the internet marketers out there, Lee encourages us to focus on
long term wealth not short term profits.

Concentrating on long term success and wealth instantly differentiates you
from the millions of other marketers.


By automatically channeling your efforts in the optimal direction.

If you focus on LONG TERM Success you will:

  1. Take better care of your customers.
  2. Conduct your business honestly and ethically
  3. Create a massive subscriber list that loves you
  4. Create a more sustainable income instead of periodic bursts of money followed by weeks of nothing caused by a focus on product launches.

Once you have steady and predictable income (Lee makes over at least $6K PER DAY!) then it is easier
to make plans for expansion and hire employers and grow your business. It would be hard to do those things if you couldn't predicate how much money was going to come in every day or every week.

"Hey, I'd like to hire you, but yesterday I made no money, today I made $500, and last week I made 4,000" - doesn't work so well.

Plan ahead. Think 10-20 years down the road - this will give you an advantage over 99% of all competitors who chase after latest trends of the day.

Lee McIntyre's Instant Internet Lifestyle 7 RULES OF MOMENTUM

Today I re-watched the first of the eight training videos of Lee McIntyre's Instant Internet Lifestyle course also known as the Inside Out / Upside Down workshop.
I wanted to review the material to make sure I gleaned all I could and didn't miss anything.

Lee presented his unique and effective 7  Rules of Momentum for creating and maintaining a successful online bussiness.

Lee covers so much fresh and exciting martial so quickly that I had trouble taking notes while he was talking.
But one of the nice parts of having all these lessons in video format (instead of live) is that I can pause it at any time to take notes and reply parts that I would like to hear again.

I've boiled down my notes on this 1 hour lesson into its essentials.

Here goes...


1. Give first, sell second ~ Give away valuable content for free before trying to sell to people.
I've implement this advice into one my little side business and the results have been very successful.

2. Never lose faith in your business or yourself.

3. There is NO EASY BUTTON - you have to create a real business.

4. Since you are building a real business you should focus on building a deep and stable foundation and long term results. Again this is much different than the popular advice out there where the focus is on immediate but temporary results instead of long term and steady wealth.

5. Build your business deeper, not wider. ~ Focus on one market or niche and invest in it thoroughly instead of hopping from market to market.

This rule is very interesting because millions of other experts constantly say that you should write 10 or 20 eBooks on different subjects and sell them but Lee says from his experience,
this is too time consuming and not profitable.

6. Choose Passionate markets - not hobbies - were people have a desperate problem that you can solve.

7. No excuses ~ Don't blame any setbacks or external events on your lack of success - push forward and never stop - be a force of nature.


Lee McIntyre's Instant Internet Lifestyle - The Cons

Problem: The lifestyle is certainly not "Instant".
A more accurate decription would be "pretty fast" compared to a traditional brick and mortar bussiness,
but I understand that it doesn't sound as cool.

One of Lee's fundamental rules is that to make serious money online, you have to build a REAL bussiness. He warns that there is no easy button, none of that scammy "push button" software is gonna work.
Stop looking for the magic bullet, you'll be searching
the rest of your life, instead, spend the time building a real bussiness.

The problem with that for most people is that they want
everything NOW. Lee's lessons will not make you a millionaire in a day or even month, but they will lay the foundation for a hugely successful business that you could have up and running in a few weeks (or even a few days) time. Lee pointed out that he went from $0 to $7K in one month.

I know that sounds crazy or out of reach (it does to me), but imagine if you could make even just 10% of that, or $700 a month...not bad at all for a first month.

The point is, just like any "real" bussiness, you have to build it gradually. The difference here is that gradule in the Internet world means a couple months whereas in a traditional physical bussiness it mean decades.

Another problem is that when you buy the Instant Internet Lifestyle, you have to download all eight training session videos seperately, whichis a bit of a hassle. Not only that, each Mp4 Video File takes a good amount of time to download to your computer (around 10-15 minutes).This can frustrating when your pressed for time and want to get started on a new session quickly.

I overcame this by useing Google Chorme (which seems quicker than Firefox for downloads... at least on my PC) and by downloading three or four files at time while I left the computer to do other things --this saves a lot of waiting time. And anyway, it is well worth the wait. The content is so different and fresh compared to
what most so called experts offer.

One of the most revolutionary concepts for me was Lee explaining
how he gets thousands of customers and tons of traffic all for free --no pay-per-click, no banners, no advertisements.
I've wasted so much money on Google Adwords the past few months and experienced. In fact I've spent
more money on Adwords than I made in profits! But after hearing Lee's method, I've realized that I've been
barking up the wrong tree. The trick, according to Lee is to treat your affiliates like princes, pay them frequently and handsomely and they will drive all the traffic to your sight like clockwork - it's certainly working well for him. Time for me to give it a try.


Another problem with The Instant Internet Lifestyle is, as I mentioned before, delivered in Mp4 files which of course are compressed, so don't expect an HD viewing experience.

However,I should say that the amazing and original content (minus the goofy English accent)
more than makes up for both the download time and the resolution.

Lee is a natural born teacher, in fact he used to be high school teacher, and it really shows.
He explains everything multiple ways and multiple times to really impress key points into the audiences memory.

(Other reviewers have mentioned that Lee goes a little overboard on this...but I found
the reiterations very helpful and I enjoyed hearing this new and intriquing information presented many different ways).

More coming soon...


Lee McIntyre's Instant Internet Lifestyle - What's it all about?

 Doing Things Inside Out and Upside Down

Have you ever wanted a step by step plan that shows you how to build your online business from scratch and start making money in the quickest possible time? Wouldn't we all...

Top UK Internet Marketer Lee McIntyre presented his "Inside Out / Upside Down" workshop to a captive audience in Manchester UK teaching the exact steps he took to build his business and start earning $20,000 per month in just 56 days from scratch.

In fact, Lee didn't build his business the "normal" way, and actually ended up doing the complete opposite to what most of the so-called "marketing gurus" out there teach.

And his methods must work.

Lee's business is now doing a whopping 6 figures each and every month... and he teaches exactly how to do this in his "Inside Out / Upside Down" workshop.

You see, not only is Lee a great teacher (he used to be a high school teacher before starting his online business...before he had a massive fight with his boss), but he also reveals exactly what's working in his business right now without holding anything back.  And what's more, the bulk of the closely guarded strategies and techniques that Lee teaches were invented by himself - no one else is teaching this stuff!

I was fortunate enough to purchase and download this wonderful course and sat glued to my seat for 5 five days straight. I filled almost an entire 70 page notebook with notes from these videos.

 Lee captivated his audience with his teachings on "The Massive Monthly Payrise Method", "Deep Connection Dynamics", "Automatic Traffic Control", and his "Affiliate Army Method"... to name a few of the lectures given.  I was really astonished at the sheer amount of profitable 'how to' information shared.

Lee has also stated that he won't be teaching this workshop ever again as it was a one-off and is never to be repeated.  Luckily though he did have a professional camera crew present to record the entire workshop and capture every profitable strategy and golden nugget of marketing information delivered over the 2 full days.
And that is what I got my hands on.

So how can you get your hands on a copy of these recordings?

Well, Lee originally decided to package the recordings as part of a high end training boxset with a pretty hefty price tag... somewhere in the $1,997 ball park.  And for this price it would actually be a steal when you consider the sheer amount of profitable information that Lee taught over the 2 days in over 12 hours of content.

But that's not how Lee built his online business...

So Lee has done something a apparently crazy here and he's actually decided to give away the recordings to his $1,997 workshop completely for FREE.

(...yes, you read that correctly)

You see, one of Lee's main philosophies is to give first... and sell second.
It's one of the BIG secrets to his fast online success, and one that he explains in depth.

He explains that the in the past five years, the internet market has changed dramatically. People are more skeptical than ever. In order to make any progress in an online business you must first win there trust. Lee does this by offers a "high value but low cost" product.

He practically gives away the most awesome and unique content. Then customers, like myself are so overwhelmed by the wealth of information and usefulness of the tactics that they got for such an incredable price that they become a devoted fan.

One thing is, you better be quick, because Lee mentioned that this isn't going to make this available for much longer.  He's not THAT crazy!

To get in on this insane offer before you miss out altogether you need to go to the following page right now and take advantage of this before it's too late:

Lee McIntyre's FREE DVD Giveaway

Seriously, Lee is giving away the entire workshop for free!  So here's your chance to learn from one of the top marketers in the UK right now who's built his business by doing things differently to what most of the big gurus teach.

And what's more, you'll be completely taken by surprise when you witness the speed at which his methods can be followed to build your business in the fastest possible time.

Don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers and grab this with both hands while you still can!
I'm skeptical as hell, but I took the plunge and am so glad I did.

Lee McIntyre's FREE DVD

Who is Lee McIntyre Anyway?