Lee McIntyre Long Term Internet Lifestyle Plan...Why He's Different Than The So Called "Gurus"

Lee McIntyre's Internet Marketing Business Model stands out from the crowd.

Unlike the majority of the internet marketers out there, Lee encourages us to focus on
long term wealth not short term profits.

Concentrating on long term success and wealth instantly differentiates you
from the millions of other marketers.


By automatically channeling your efforts in the optimal direction.

If you focus on LONG TERM Success you will:

  1. Take better care of your customers.
  2. Conduct your business honestly and ethically
  3. Create a massive subscriber list that loves you
  4. Create a more sustainable income instead of periodic bursts of money followed by weeks of nothing caused by a focus on product launches.

Once you have steady and predictable income (Lee makes over at least $6K PER DAY!) then it is easier
to make plans for expansion and hire employers and grow your business. It would be hard to do those things if you couldn't predicate how much money was going to come in every day or every week.

"Hey, I'd like to hire you, but yesterday I made no money, today I made $500, and last week I made 4,000" - doesn't work so well.

Plan ahead. Think 10-20 years down the road - this will give you an advantage over 99% of all competitors who chase after latest trends of the day.

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