Lee McIntyre's Instant Internet Lifestyle 7 RULES OF MOMENTUM

Today I re-watched the first of the eight training videos of Lee McIntyre's Instant Internet Lifestyle course also known as the Inside Out / Upside Down workshop.
I wanted to review the material to make sure I gleaned all I could and didn't miss anything.

Lee presented his unique and effective 7  Rules of Momentum for creating and maintaining a successful online bussiness.

Lee covers so much fresh and exciting martial so quickly that I had trouble taking notes while he was talking.
But one of the nice parts of having all these lessons in video format (instead of live) is that I can pause it at any time to take notes and reply parts that I would like to hear again.

I've boiled down my notes on this 1 hour lesson into its essentials.

Here goes...


1. Give first, sell second ~ Give away valuable content for free before trying to sell to people.
I've implement this advice into one my little side business and the results have been very successful.

2. Never lose faith in your business or yourself.

3. There is NO EASY BUTTON - you have to create a real business.

4. Since you are building a real business you should focus on building a deep and stable foundation and long term results. Again this is much different than the popular advice out there where the focus is on immediate but temporary results instead of long term and steady wealth.

5. Build your business deeper, not wider. ~ Focus on one market or niche and invest in it thoroughly instead of hopping from market to market.

This rule is very interesting because millions of other experts constantly say that you should write 10 or 20 eBooks on different subjects and sell them but Lee says from his experience,
this is too time consuming and not profitable.

6. Choose Passionate markets - not hobbies - were people have a desperate problem that you can solve.

7. No excuses ~ Don't blame any setbacks or external events on your lack of success - push forward and never stop - be a force of nature.

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